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Mode of Payment of maturity amount to Orphans/Destitues:-
  1. The benefit under Girl Child Protection Scheme on completion of 20 years of age to orphans/destitues, shall be transferred/ reinvested in the name of the "Girl Child" concerned only after she is appropriately counseled by the Project Director, DWCDA, CDPO concerned along with an authorized and qualified counselor (specialist in child psychology).

  2. The counseling committee shall counsel and guide the girl child on the options available to her, taking into consideration her aptitude, academic background, her interest etc. Depending on the girl child's request after such counseling, the amount shall be accordingly invested in Govt. schemes in her name or transferred to her account.

  3. The P.D. shall maintain the minutes of such counseling session duly signed by all the three members and the "girl child" concerned. .